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Volume 40, Issue 3: A Critical Look at Child Protection

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Fortieth Anniversary Tribute

A Critical Look at Child Protection

Justice Helen Meyer and Robert Cary, Minnesota’s Child Protection Appeals Process: Can We Do Better?

Victor I. Vieth, From Sticks to Flowers: Guidelines for Child Protection Professionals Working with Parents Using Scripture to Justify Corporal Punishment

Joanna Woolman and Sarah Deer, Protecting Native Mothers and Their Children: A Feminist Lawyering Approach

Jean C. Lawrence, ASFA in the Age of Mass Incarceration: Go to Prison—Lose Your Child?

Stacia Walling Driver and Wright S. Walling, Examining the Intersection of Chemical Dependency and Mental Health Issues with the Juvenile Protection System Timelines as Related to Concurrent Planning and Termination of Parental Rights

Vivek Sankaran, Using Preventive Legal Advocacy to Keep Children from Entering Foster Care

Nancy Ver Steegh, Eight Reasons Why Attorneys Representing Parents in Child Protection Proceedings Should Use an Intimate Partner Violence Screening Protocol

Amy Russell, Multidisciplinary Response to Youth with Sexual Behavior Problems

Anne Tyler Gueinzius and Julia Hillel, Permanency Best Practices for Minnesota’s Foster Care Youth

Lucy Wieland and Jenny L. Nelson, Aging Out of Foster Care: How Extended Foster Care for Youth Eighteen to Twenty-One Has Fostered Independence

Lisa McNaughton, “The Father’s Project Pilot”: Project in Hennepin County to Provide Attorneys for Noncustodial Fathers at the CHIPS Stage of Child Protection Cases

Cyrenthia D. Shaw, Creating a New Norm: Engaging Fathers Through Direct Representation in Child in Need of Protection or Services Actions

Student Note: Nic Puechner, No Clean Slates: Unpacking the Complications of Juvenile Expungements in the Wake of In re Welfare of J.J.P.


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