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Volume 38 Issues

Issue 1: Contemporary Issues in Cyberlaw
Issue 2: Business Organizations: When "Business Purpose" Disappears
Issue 3: Contemporary Issues in Outcomes-Based Legal Education
Issue 4: Incarceration in the United States: Issues in America's Jails and Prisons
Issue 5: National Security

Volume 38

Board of Editors


Rebecca Ireland

Executive Editors

Peter D. Banick
Brian D. Bender
Leah C. Graf

Jeffrey K. Holth
Katherine Zerwas Graham


Sarah E. Berger
Brennan Furness
Joćo da Fonseca

Jennifer Kolias
Megan K. Kosse
Courtney A. Lawrence

Jeremy D. Robb
Jill Schrader
Jacob N. Westlund

Assistant Editors

Geri L. Anderson
David P. Balmer
Kevin R. Behr
Samuel T. Bickel
Elizabeth S. Capan
Liliya Donovan
Daryl T. Fuchihara
Aileen Galatowitsch

Stephanie M. Grupa
Christian Hansen
Lucas Hjelle
Amity S. Johnson
Nicky L. Kurtzweil
Laura Larson
Ryan F. Mach
Lance D. Meyer

David Safar
Chelsea L. Sommers
Sarah N. Thompson
James Vollstaedt
Kristine A. Weir
Anna Witte
Adam Wysopal
William J. Young

Staff Members

Shawn W. Alexander
Brittany Bachman
Eric W. M. Bain
Blake Bauer
Christopher Beck
Kevin Broich
Eric M. Carpenter
Jessica R. Colbert
Ralph Detrick
Lauren Fink
Ellen L. Frick
Lucas V. Greder
Alexis Hamilton
Robert Hamilton
Nick Herschlip
Brent High

Erica A. Holzer
Kate L. Homolka
Eric Matthew Johnson
Ellie Johnson
Tim Johnson
Frances L. Kern
Holly E. LaBoone-Haller
Amanda K. Linden
Meggen Lindsay
Jonathan D. Lockhart
Jacob E. McKnite
John Monnens
Karise L. Morgan
Chris Nelson
Hannah Okins
Julie A. G. Oney
James P. Ortmann

Sawan S. Patel
Karli B. Peterson
Tracy N. Pruitt
Andrew J. Reiland II
Aaron N. Sandvig
Elroy Sequeira
Rebecca M. Sherman
Adam Sienkowski
Jacob W. Steen
Ryan Supple
Mike Chak Hin Tsoi
Marcus Urlaub
Brian P. Wallenfelt
Carrie L. Weber
Matthew A. York
Terrance Zawacki

Operations Manager

Kelly Schmidt

Faculty Advisor

Prof. Michael K. Steenson
Professor of Law

Faculty Consultative Board

Prof. Daniel S. Kleinberger

Prof. Eileen Roberts

Prof. Eileen A. Scallen


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