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The William Mitchell Law Review is a student-edited journal. Founded in 1974, the Law Review publishes timely articles of regional, national and international interest for legal practitioners, scholars, and lawmakers. Judges throughout the United States regularly cite the Law Review in their opinions. Academic journals, textbooks, and treatises frequently cite the Law Review as well. It can be found in nearly all U.S. law school libraries and online.

Volume 41 New Staff

The Volume 41 Editorial Board is pleased to announce our new staff for 2014-2015:

Jacob Abdo, Raha Assadi-Lamouki, Ariel Abrams, Lisa Colburn, Blake DeRosier, Jamie Erickson, Kelly Fermoyle, Paige Fishman, Theresa Flahaven, Chris Florey, Terra Frazier, Ayn Gates, Joelle Groshek, Bretta Hines, Andrew Hofer, Nodira Ismoilova, Bryce Jasper, Scott Jurchisin, Kristine Langenberg, John Lauer, Molly Littman, Jacob Lorence, Alex Mazurek, Cara McDonald, Lauren Michels, Caitlin Miles, Joseph Muchlinski, Rachel Mowry, Konrad Noben-Trauth, Shannon Quirk, Abigail Rankin, Keriann Riehle, James Ryan, Aaron Sampsel, James Schoeberl, Kindra Seifert, Allira Sharma, Michael Sheran, Jacob Shoop, Luke Smith, Jessica Topp, Matthew Trevor, Alison Umland, Bryce Wang, Nicholas Webb, Ann Weber, Kristen Williams, Shane Zahrt, Michael Zwickey



The William Mitchell Law Review is proud to present Volume 40. Click here to view the journal.


Congratulations to the following members of the Volume 41 Editorial Board:

Editor in Chief: Peter Kieselbach

Executive Editors: Nicole Faulkner, Melissa Lorentz, Joshua Peterson, and Nic Puechner

Online Executive Editor: Jennifer Rochat

Editors: Kathryn Babb, Nadja Baer, Sahr Brima, Adam Chandler, Zachary Cronen, David Dobmeyer, Jennifer Johnson, Elise Radaj, and Amanda Sicoli

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